danniella jayne wilde


artist statement

I wouldn’t believe somebody if they tried to tell me that they had never received or bought flowers before. Maybe for a wedding, a funeral, a thank you, an “I love you”… “I’m sorry”. A flower always means something.

My work aims to preserve this sentiment which may otherwise be forgotten or discarded when the flower dies. I do this by delicately capturing the key aspects of flowers in a precious everlasting medium – silver. I am devoted to making each of my pieces unique, by completely hand crafting them using a variety of silversmithing techniques.


About me

I grew up on the edge of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire before moving down to Surrey to study a BA degree in Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery and Metalwork at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

When I looked back to my GCSE Art final piece I realised that it contains a copper rose, not the main aspect of the piece just a small addition. I had no real knowledge of working with metal, I just followed a tutorial on the internet for a simple copper rose, attaching the petals together using hot glue. I guess this is where it all began. I took the copper rose a step further during my A-levels, using pre-threaded rod and nuts to attach the petals together. The copper roses became quite popular between friends and family who began commissioning me. It wasn’t until the final year of my university degree that I made any flowers as part of my coursework, I was just making them on the side to earn a little extra money. It wasn’t until after making a copper poppy as a special request from a lady who had contacted me, that I began to think of the potentials for making different flowers with all the new skills I’d learnt during my university course.

I love flowers, they bring so much happiness, but it is only for a limited amount of time before they die. In my work I aim to preserve these meaning and associations attached to each flower, by capturing key aspects of real flowers in silver. I use silver as I believe the memory attached to flowers is precious just like silver. Unlike regular fake flowers my representations are honest; I don’t try to hide the craftsmanship which goes into each of my pieces. Silver is such a versatile metal to work with allowing me to combine a number of silversmithing and jewellery techniques to create each individual flower. Making is my passion, each of my flowers are completely handcrafted therefore unique.

If you give flowers as a symbol of love, as beautiful as they are to begin with after a week or so they will wilt and die. Does this mean your love has gone? Of course not, why not give a reminder which won’t disappear.

My silver flowers can be combined with real flowers and foliage to create stunning eye catching displays and bouquets, when the real foliage dies off it can either be replaced or you are left with beautifully handcrafted silver flowers which create just as powerful impact on their own.

When my silver flower representations were first displayed to the public at my Graduation show in Farnham and at New Designers in London, my silver flowers gained a huge amount of attention. At New Designers 2019 I was not only talent spotted by the Goldsmiths Centre but also awarded a years graduate membership with Contemporary British Silversmiths.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my silver flowers please visit the contact page on my website or send me an email at danniella@wilde-flower.com

upcoming exhibitions

Handmade chelsea - the contemporary craft and design fair

Chelsea old town hall / chelsea, london / 8 - 10 november 2019

gahanaa: a wilde-smith collection

crafts study CENTRE / university for the creative arts, farnham / 23 november 2018 - ongoing

Previous exhibitions



graduation show

university for the creative arts / farnham, surrey / 6 - 15 june 2019

magpie contemporary art summer show

gahanaa: a wilde-smith collection

magpie contemporary art gallery / farnham, surrey / 1 - 16 june 2019

Play! design

new times art museum / beijing, china / 6 april - 9 june 2019

a selection of 2nd year gcjm students work

crafts study centre / university for the creative arts, farnham / May 2018