A Wilde-Smith Collection

A selection of handmade Sterling Silver jewellery created with the sea in mind. A collaboration of work and ideas between Danniella Wilde and Emily Smith.

This summer, Emily was very fortunate to spend two weeks on the beautiful island of Kanifushi in the Maldives. It was a breath-taking scene of sand, sea and sun, and Emily can’t deny having a wonderful time but one thing that really struck, and shocked her was the amount of dead coral washing up on the beaches each day.

From the safety of home, we don’t see how our actions, our daily habits affect the world. When you’re sat on an island that has a time limit on its habitability, surrounded by an ecosystem that’s slowly being destroyed, you can’t help but feel the need to do something about it.

Despite the negative thoughts that initially occurred to her, as a maker, Emily couldn’t help but be fascinated by the millions of curious shapes that were swept up on the shore every morning. So she enlisted the help of a very talented maker and course-mate, Danniella Wilde, who was equally fascinated and excited about the potential of this project. They used these shapes to create a [currently] small collection of sterling silver jewellery.

We thought this would be a really good way to expand our knowledge in working with silver and a few techniques within it. We are also entering our final year of university, so hopefully this will provide a little financial support to us.

However, for us, it was most important to recognise, and pay forward the pure kindness and generosity that the wonderful Maldivian people showed me. We’re donating a percentage of the money earned to a charity called The Blue Marine Foundation.